2016-2017 Citrus Season   

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 Valencias (thru April)

Prized for its flavor, and the last orange of the season, Valencias are golden and juicy. 

The Valencia orange has a juicy, rich flavor and aroma. It is medium to large in size, a round-to-oval shape and a yellow to orange color that sometimes can be tinged green. Valencia oranges have a smooth texture with a thin peel and are in season from March through April.  Valenica oranges turn golden as they become fully ripe, but as they remain on the tree during warmer weather the orange skin re-absorbs chlorophyll from the leaves and the orange turn green again, beginning at the stem end.  The fruit is actually fully ripe, sweet, juicy and bright orange inside.








Check out the Pell Super Special  - $32.95 for medium size Valencia Orange combinations (shipping weight approximately 16 lbs) and also our Citrus Club Plan for 3 or more shipments to the same address starting @ $29.41.














You can mix different citrus in these gift boxes with any citrus that is in season excluding Honeybells (Click on the Honeybell link for pricing)  (see "Select Fruit Mixture Below"). Call for pricing to Alaska APO & Hawaii.  Regular Canada has a $10.00 postal surcharge.  Call for pricing to Canada Zips (ATV).


1 Tray Citrus Carton - $30.95

1 Tray Citrus Carton "Deluxe" - $40.95
2 Tray Citrus Carton - $43.95
2 Tray Citrus Carton "Deluxe" - $53.95
3 Tray Citrus Carton - $58.95
3 Tray Citrus Carton "Deluxe" - $68.95
4 Tray Citrus Carton - $70.95
4 Tray Citrus Carton "Deluxe" - $80.95




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