2016-2017 Citrus Season   

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Welcome to Pell's Citrus & Nursery

The Florida Citrus Shipping season starts November 16 through April 14th.

Our web site will be updated by the mid September 2016.

To request the 2016-2017 Citrus Brochure email us your name and mailing address.  The Brochure will be mailed mid September 2016.






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Navels  (Nov - Jan)

  Ambersweets (Nov - Dec)

Cara Caras - Red Navels (Not Available this Season)


Honeybells - (January Only)

Tango Tangerines - Seedless (Dec-Jan)New! - Patent #PP17863

Tangerine -Seeds (November)


Red Grapefruit (Nov - April) 

Pineapple Oranges (January Only)

Valencias (February - April)









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Osteen Location   



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